QUEENSRŸCHE Streaming Live High Quality Footage From Mohegan Sun

April 25, 2014, 3 years ago

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The Todd LaTorre fronted version of QUEENSRŸCHE has posted live high-quality footage from the performance at the Mohegan Sun from April 19th. The band says these videos are from the “Live raw board feed, no audience microphones.”

‘Walk In The Shadows’:

‘The Whisper’:

‘Breaking The Silence’:


In a recent interview with James Wood at the Allentown Music Examiner, Queensrÿche guitarist Michael Wilton touched on the court case with former vocalist Geoff Tate over rights to the band name, saying that "both sides have reached an amicable settlement."

An official statement has yet to be issued by either side regarding the final outcome, but Tate's official website (found here) now features the banner Geoff Tate: The Voice Of Queensrÿche. In addition, his site include a link at the top of the front page directing fans to "Queensrÿche Without Geoff Tate", leading to the Todd La Torre-fronted incarnation of the band here.

Stay tuned for updates.

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