RAVEN LORD Joined By Legendary Bassist Craig Gruber

April 18, 2013, 7 years ago

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Multinational heavy metal band RAVEN LORD have announced the addition of bassist Craig Gruber. Gruber is best known for his work with bands like GARY MOORE, ELF, DIO and early RAINBOW and helped co-write BLACK SABBATH’s top selling album, Heaven And Hell, with RONNIE JAMES DIO on vocals.

Raven Lord are currently recording their second album, due to be released in 2014. The record will contain tracks from metal guitar virtuoso Joe Stump, combined with modern edge riffage by George Karafotis (aka G.K “The Kid”). This next album will also include unreleased material from Craig Gruber’s work with Black Sabbath and Rainbow.

Singer and songwriter Csaba Zvekan will also produce this second record very much in the same manner as Descent To The Underworld, which was released earlier this year.

Csaba Zvekan states: ”With a smile on my face I seem to go to bed at night only to wake up with the very same expression on my face. I am overjoyed and absolutely happy to work with one of the top notch bass players on this planet. It is much more than that as Craig Gruber has played this music style in all his bands and makes the perfect addition to Raven Lord. On top of the good news we are also using songs that didn’t make it on Black Sabbath’s Heaven and Hell or were songs from the Rainbow era. This is absolutely fantastic as we can give the fans an up to date version of some lost and found songs.”

Gruber comments on joining the band: “I am very pleased to announce I have been asked to join the newest premier metal band on Earth!! Raven Lord! I have accepted this great opportunity to work record, and tour as bassist starting early Spring 2013. I am looking forward to putting out some great new music this year alongside (Csaba Zvekan, Joe Stump, GK “The Kid”, Rich Smith and Alessandro Duo). We are writing the CD as we speak! Lets put it like this friends…The Rainbow/Dio/Black Sabbath fans are going to be happy once again!! Cheers, see you all at the shows this year!! The Rainbow shines on!”

In the latest edition for their video podcast Raven Lord TV, Csaba Zvekan with rhythm guitarist George Karafotis (aka G.K “The Kid”) talk about the recording sessions.

Watch below:

Raven Lord recently announced that they will be workin in close collaboration with R-Mine Productions. The Belgium based booking agency is known for their many summer festivals that they organise in Europe as well as tour planing for many bands. Raven Lord is already confirmed for the R-Mine Metalfest 2013 playing main stage Saturday, June 22nd. On later this year an EU/UK tour is in planning in early October 2013.

Csaba Zvekan comments on this venture: “The interest for Raven Lord has grown rapidly so I had to outsource even the booking part that I was doing myself before. The workload was simply getting too much work so I contacted Gianni Riga from R. Mine. I wanted a professional outfit who can handle and organise our tour and festivals with ease. I’m very confident we have great results with R-Mine Productions.”

Booking agent Alessia Menegatti from R-Mine Productions comments: “I am very pleased and honoured to work with these guys. They’re not just great and experienced musicians but also very cool and nice people. First album is amazing and the interest of medias, press and fans is growing amazingly fast. It’s a true revelation for all metal fans; also the bored ones! This band is setting sail to far destinations and I am glad to be on board!”

More on Raven Lord at this location.

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