Reactivated PUTRID OFFAL Signs With Kaotoxin Records

June 23, 2014, 3 years ago

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Kaotoxin Records has announced the inking of a multi-album deal with France's recently re-activated goregrind band Putrid Offal.

In 2013, 20 years after its last recording, bassist Frédéric Houriez, along with vocalist and guitarist Franck Peiffer enlisted drummer Philippe Reinhalter (Division Alpha) to reanimate Putrid Offal's dead flesh with the intent of recording new material.

Putrid Offal is currently in the process of re-recording their entire back-catalogue along with bonus material. The yet untitled release, which will be mastered at the Conkrete Studio, will come as a 1000 copies limited-edition, double DigiSleeve CD with a re-mastered collection of all of the band's past works as they've been released back in the day.

Subsequent pressings will not feature the "old-school version." This release is a killer opportunity for fans to witness how monstrously rotten the Putrid Offal corpse became during its two decades of living six feet underground.

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