Relapse To Issue Debut Disc From CALL OF THE VOID

January 17, 2013, 2 years ago

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Colorado punk-sludge grinders CALL OF THE VOID have signed to Relpase Records for the release of their debut album, Dragged Down A Dead End Path. The ten-track effort will see digital, CD and LP North American release on March 19th, preceded by European release dates of March 15th in Germany, Benelux and Finland, and March 18th in the UK and all other territories.
So violently angry and perennially pissed off, Call Of The Void hurle forth a scorching mix of NAPALM DEATH and HIS HERO IS GONE. Blasting forth a low-end assault of dissonant chords and broken harmonies, Dragged Down A Dead End Path truly lives up to its name, beating listeners into submission with a 25+ minute sonic slaughterfest. Formerly known as IRONHORSE, Call Of The Void’s crust and grind elements seamlessly merge to conjure visions of PIG DESTROYER while effortlessly treading the abrasive, caustic nature of CONVERGE’s hybrid progressive hardcore and MASTODON’s technical metal-tinged rock mastery. Recorded at the Boar's Nest in Salt Lake City, Utah by Andy Patterson, mastered by Chris McNaughton, with strikingly dismal cover art courtesy of Anthony Lucero, a video teaser for Dragged Down A Dead End Path can be seen below: Dragged Down A Dead End Path tracklisting: 'Failure' 'Theory Of Mind' 'Bottom Feeder' 'Endless Ritual Abuse' 'Abomination' 'Breeding Grounds' 'Napalm Lungs' 'The Liar's Heart' 'I Hope You Two Fuck' 'Faith & Filth' Call Of The Void is: Gordon Koch - drums Patrick Alberts - guitar Alex Pace - bass Steve Vanica - vocals Further details can be found on the band's official Facebook page.
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