REPENTANCE - Frontman Announced As Band Preps To Make Live Debut With TRIVIUM

April 16, 2018, 11 months ago

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REPENTANCE - Frontman Announced  As Band Preps To Make Live Debut With TRIVIUM

The age of Repentance is upon us, and today the band formally reveals themselves ahead of their live debut this May in support of Trivium and Toothgrinder.

For the past several months, Repentance has been feverishly writing music at Chicago’s Superior Street Studios, keeping a relatively low profile as the project took shape. Robby J. Fonts will be handling vocal duties, joining a lineup that includes guitarists Shaun Glass and Markus Johnsson, drummer Anthony Lien and bassist Mike Sylvester.

“Repentance came together very naturally, whichwas a very cleansing experience,” states Shaun Glass.  “At this point in my life, I was hoping to start working and creating new music with an almost entirely new group of people, and this crew organically locked into place.”

“It’s crazy how things happen,” comments Fonts. “I was looking to start a new band since Rich [Ward] and Frank [Fontsere] are currently busy outside of Stuck Mojo [touring with Fozzy], so the timing for Repentance came perfectly. It was nonpoint’s drummer, Robb Rivera that introduced me to Shaun. One phone call later, we were stoked to get this show on the road. Shaun sent me demos, I wrote lyrics and vocals and our songs started coming together quickly.”

“The band’s sound is definitely very aggressive,pummeling metal and we can’t wait to share some music with everyone soon,” adds Glass. “Everyone is bringing their own style to the table, and the uniqueness of each is helping to shape our sound. All that said, we’re all on the same page in terms of the musical direction that we’re headed. ‘Don’t play metal if you ain’t metal!’ We’re creating a style that we enjoy ourselves first and foremost.”

“You know you’re onto something special when everyone connects instantly and the creativity keeps on flowing,” says Fonts. “I think fans of our previous work will be in for a pleasant surprise… this band’s sound is heavy. Get ready for Repentance!”

See Repentance in their live debut: May 23rd at The Forge in Joliet, Illinois supporting Trivium and Toothgrinder.


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