Report: 35% Of Heavy Metal Songs Have Satanist Content, Says Expert

July 26, 2007, 13 years ago

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Interfax has issued the following report:

Most heavy metal songs are about murder and suicide, the Serbsky State Research Center for Social and Forensic Psychiatry professor Fyodor Kondratyev opines.

"Having researched 700 most popular heavy metal songs revealed that half of them is about murder, 7 percent is positive about suicide, and 35 percent preaches a variety of Satanist ideologies", Kondratyev said in his interview published in Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily on Monday.

He shared with the journalists that according to the American National Education Association every year near 6,000 young Americans kill themselves under the influence of music like that.

According to the expert, Satanism is popular among the teenagers from problematic families, who aim at "taking vengeance on the society" and "look for the similarly-minded teens - so their stress mollifies and they start thinking they are better that the normal children".

The professor said that according to the information he got during a forensic psychiatric examination of a criminal, in Moscow there were five strong Satanist groups with 1,000 members, while in Russia there over 100 groups like that.

The same criminal said that during the previous five years the Satanists had committed over 20 ritual murders, Kondratyev said.

However, he added, in today’s Russia it is hardly possible to put somebody into jail for on a ritual homicide accusation.

‘Good defenders and threatening of witnesses may destroy any process. I know it from my years of experience as legal expert,’ he added.

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