Report: SCOTT WEILAND's Children Granted $4,000 Monthly Allowance

July 12, 2018, 4 months ago

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Report: SCOTT WEILAND's Children Granted $4,000 Monthly Allowance is reporting that a judge has ordered that Scott Weiland’s estate pay $4,000 a month to the children of the late rock star, who died in 2015.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Daniel Juarez on Monday granted a petition for a family allowance filed by Mary Weiland, the singer’s first wife and the mother of their boy, now 17 years old, and their girl, who is currently 15. Each child will received the allowance until he or she turns 18. They each also will no longer receive payments if they die, become legally “emancipated” or the estate is terminated.

Court documents filed by Mary Weiland’s attorney state that the Weiland estate has a value of about $1.6 million with an average annual royalties income of almost $265,000.


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