Reversed Records Management Signs ORIGIN Drummer John Longstreth

November 5, 2012, 4 years ago

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Reversed Records has signed ORIGIN drummer John Longstreth (GORGUTS, CRATOR). Longstreth will join forces with manager, producer, and engineer Rob Shallcross (STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, GWAR) and Reversed Records growing list of clients that includes Gene Hoglan (TESTAMENT, DETHKLOK), Steve Ashiem (DEICIDE), WEST OF HELL, MELDRUM and COCAINE MOUSTACHE.

John Longstreth is currently considered one of the most proficient drummers in the modern death metal musical scene. Longstreth has spent his carrer performing live and recording with the likes of DYING FETUS, THE RED CHORD, and EXHUMED. Displaying incredible technique (such as seemingly unattainable blast beats, astonishing speed, control and endurance) as well as a solid command of versatility behind the drums, John is quickly becoming a highly reputable influence in the world of drumming.

John Longstreth comments on signing with Reversed Records Management:

"Well, ladies n' gentlemen, what can I say?! I'm extremely happy here! As you can see this is a pretty interesting announcement and we are all very excited about it. Rob and I have been going back and fourth over the phone and Internet for a couple of months, the discussions keep getting better and better. How could I not feel completely honoured to be part of a family that includes the legendary and influential likes of Steve Asheim and Gene Hoglan?!? If you've followed my work in the past then it should make perfect sense as to why I would take on personal management. I've never been a person to sit still and I tend to wander. It always feels like there's one more little thing I can do behind the kit that takes me in a different direction. For me different directions are fun. I feel that they are healthy and essential for personal growth. Lastly to keep everyone up to date, at the moment I am writing for my newest project Crator, Origin hits the studio in 2013, there are also plans to expand my career into global education and session work in the coming years."

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