ROB ZOMBIE - "Nobody Really Buys Records Anymore; I’m Not Really Sure What Constitutes A Hit Record Or A Hit Song"

August 17, 2012, 5 years ago

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Nicole Powers at recently caught up with ROB ZOMBIE. Following is an excerpt from the interview, with Rob discussing his forthcoming album:

Q: How does this record differ from your previous ones?

RZ: "I’m really into this record right now. We have a long way to go, but it’s the most free sounding record I feel like I’ve made in a long, long time. As time has gone on I feel at different moments in my career I’ve made a record that’s significant for that time period. With WHITE ZOMBIE, Astro-Creep was the significant record at that time for that band. Then the next one was Hellbilly Deluxe, my first solo record. You make other records and they’re cool and they’re good, they have good songs, but you haven’t really turned the page to a new thing. I feel like this record is the beginning of the next phase of what I’m doing. It’s just a big crazy live sounding record. I just love it. It’s hard to describe, but every once in a while a creative vein opens up and you head off in a direction that’s just…you don’t question it because it doesn’t happen that often, let’s put it that way."

Q: I guess if you think about too much, you’ll over analyze it and then you’ll fuck it up, so you almost don’t want to question it.

RZ: "Yeah, I just like the idea of doing it right. Also, one of the things that I think is the reason for this freedom is, once you have success, whether you know it or not, you subconsciously want to achieve more success or maintain the success that you’ve had. So, obviously, if you write a hit song, you try to write other hit songs. That’s sort of the nature of the game. But, with the fact that nobody really buys records anymore, I’m not really sure what constitutes a hit record or a hit song. Those rules don’t quite apply anymore because you’re not going to sell millions and millions of records no matter what you do. It just doesn’t happen anymore really. So, because of that, you feel like, fuck it, who gives a shit? And because you feel that way, you almost feel like a new band does. You’re not chasing the dragon anymore, you’re just being creative and coming up with great stuff. And that’s usually when you do have hits, strangely enough, because you’re just creatively free at that moment."

Go to this location for the complete interview.

As previously reported, Rob Zombie will invade and enter the Toronto International Film Festival, which takes place September 3rd - 16th. His sixth feature film, The Lords Of Salem, will get its worldwide premiere at the festival. Zombie wrote, directed and produced it in tandem with the producers of the Paranormal Activity franchise. Filmed in Los Angeles and Salem, MA, The Lords Of Salem stars Patricia Quinn, Maria Conchita Alonso, Clint Howard, Dee Wallace and Billy Drago, and is, according to Zombie, "probably the bleakest of all my films, a long, slow decent into the bowels of Hell."

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