RONNIE JAMES DIO - "I Think Tony And Geezer Are Sick And Tired Of Playing 'Iron Man' And 'Paranoid' All Their Lives..."

October 29, 2009, 9 years ago

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Greece's Rockpages caught up with RONNIE JAMES DIO before HEAVEN & HELL's concert in Greece a couple of months ago. Ronnie talked about a variety of subjects and here's an excerpt where he commented on the OZZY OSBOURNE's conflict with his ex-band members:

Q: Well, since Tony (Iommi) and Ozzy are in a legal fight right now, it doesn’t seem to be BLACK SABATH soon anyway…

A: "Yeah, it’s suing something… I was very surprised for that… I don’t know what Tony will do. I don’t know what Ozzy will do. I don’t know what Geezer will do… I don’t know what Sharon will do. I don’t know what any of them will do. I only know what I will do and I think that’s the most important. I will once again listen to the offers that are there and if it makes sense to me, then perhaps I will do it. But I just know I have another life. I’m lucky. And they have another life perhaps, too, with Ozzy, to do that. But I don’t think they want to do that. I really don’t. I think going back to that, for them, is not joyful. It’s not musically joyful. This band is so good and it represents each other so well. I think they are sick and tired of playing Iron Man and Paranoid all their lives… which is not a challenge I think. This band is a challenge. I’d like to think that I’m one of the people who challenge them musically and I think that they would like to carry on and do this. But we shall see. It’s not a matter of my not wanting to do it; I just wanna see what is going to come up. Two times not being in this band anymore, being kicked out of it, it doesn’t make you feel very good, especially when you have a good opinion of yourself and I know there is nothing I did wrong… You can feel very vengeful, perhaps, at times. I’ve forgiven the bad treatment I got from him [Tony Iommi]. We don’t talk about it, but I’ve forgiven it. But that doesn’t make me, any less… You know, I guess, I still do think about it, I remember what he did to me… and the life that I had without you [referring to Iommi and Black Sabbath] has been comfortable and happy one with the Dio band. I love those guys; I love to play with them. I insist upon playing with them again, which I will do. So, I don’t have to wait till the end of all this… whatever it’s going on here… and see what happens. I’m not committing myself to anything, so we’ll see what happens."

Read the full interview at this location.

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