RONNIE JAMES DIO - Video Footage From Memorial Benefit Gala In Finland Online

July 4, 2010, 4 years ago

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Finnish metal media group Night Elves have posted details and footage from a memorial gala for RONNIE JAMES DIO held on July 2nd in Helsinki to coincide with the Tuska Open Air Metal Festival. The proceeds from the event went to Cancer Society of Finland. The vocalists at the gala, held at the Tavastia club, included: J. Ahola (TERÄSBETONI, NORTHERN KINGS) Ari Koivunen (AMORAL) Asim Searah (THE NIBIRUAN) Antony Parviainen (MACHINE MEN) Marco Hietala (NIGHTWISH, TAROT, NORTHERN KINGS) Patrik Eriksson Pekka Heino (BROTHER FIRETRIBE) Tuple Salmela (TAROT) Aleksi Parviainen (REVERSION, SOULCAGE) The band on the night was as follows: Guitar - Erkka Korhonen, Ben Varon (AMORAL), Zachary Hietala (TAROT) and Mr Crab (BLEAK, DIMEBAG BEYOND FOREVER) Bass - Jari Ilomäki (SOULCAGE) Keyboard - Vili Ollila Drums - Janne Parviainen (ENSIFERUM) The following video footage are courtesy of CalthaGold:

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