ROTTING CHRIST - Aealo Artwork, Tracklisting Revealed

December 17, 2009, 9 years ago

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Greek black metallers ROTTING CHRIST will release their new album, entitled Aealo, on February 15th in Europe, and February 23rd in North America via Season Of Mist.

The album (artwork at left, click to enlarge) will include the following tracklisting:


'Eon Aenaos'

'Demonon Vrosis'

'Noctis Era'


'Fire Death and Fear'

'Nekron Lahes...'

'...Pir Threontai'

'Thou Art Lord'

'Santa Muerte'

'Orders From The Dead'

Frontman Sakis comments on the artwork: "We are totally satisfied to have collaborated once more with Season of Mist's graphic designer Jérôme for the Aealo cover and lay-out. We are really impressed how well Jérôme managed to express our new album's concept on a piece of paper. The weird, the fearful, the furious feelings of a soldier during a battle are there... in front of your eyes!"

As previously reported, the album title is inspired from and ancient Greek word which means thresh-destruction. An distinctive twisted album that is drawing from the bands country’s ancient heritage that translate this rich history into the universal language of metal.

Frontman Sakis explains: "A concept album that is refered on the feelings of a warrior during a battle. Yes in the end you feel like you were on a real battle... So strong the atmosphere of war. It is a concept album that is refered on the feelings of a warrior during a battle... The anger the fear the grief... feelings that anyone can have when he tries to survive during a battle! Hey nothing to do with a right wind-nazi ideology. It is exactly the opposite! When you end up with the listening you feel like you escaped from a battle!You will hate war!"

According to a band update, "Aealo''s sound and riffing becomes transformed by traditional female lamenting choirs

and ancient reed pipes as well as folkloristic melodies and rhythms into something fresh and fascinating. In combining their metal and cultural heritage, Rotting Christ remain true to the black roots of their founding in 1987 and at the same time strengthen their brotherhoodin spirit with equally individualist groups. This band is illustrated by a stunning guest performance of the Irish band's vocalist Alan A. Nemtheanga, while a no less amazing contribution comes from Greek-American diva extreme DIAMANDA GALAS in a cover version of her 'Orders From The Dead' song!

Also there are and some other guests like Magus Wampyr Daoloth (NECROMANTIA), Daimoneia Nymphe and Dirty Granny Tales that add their twisted and unique spots in this album’s atmosphere."

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