ROYAL HUNT - "A New Album Is In The Works"

December 31, 2006, 13 years ago

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Dutch metallers ROYAL HUNT have issued the following update:

"Happy New Year, everybody! We'd like to thank you for your support in 2006 and wish you all the best in 2007… now here are a few things we'll be entertaining you with in the New Year. A new album is in the works – recordings will start during the summer, so we're expecting it to be released in Oct/Nov 2007. Fans of the 'large format bombastic soundscapes' – rejoice! We've started to review the video footage for the future re-packaging/re-release of the two of our live concerts : '1996' and 'Closing The Chapter' - no release dates as of yet, but we´ll keep you posted. We´ll be playing some shows this early spring, so keep an eye on this and tour pages. Now let the corks fly and champagne flow – Happy New Year!

And here's a little thing for your New Years Eve´s entertainment – our very own Top 10 albums of 2006 (OK, some of them are just a tiny little bit older)."

View them here.

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