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Bassist RUDY SARZO recently sat down with Legendary Rock Interviews for an in-depth discussion covering DIO DISCIPLES, his years with OZZY OSBOURNE, and new project ANIMETAL USA. An excerpt is available below.

Q: Having seen the videos of the Dio Disciples' European leg, it seems like the fans are really supporting it, is that what you’re finding in talking to people?

Sarzo: "Very much so, we want it to be interactive. It’s not just about the band Dio Disciples it is totally something that involves and depends on the fans. The reviews have been really positive and it’s gotten an incredible response from the fans overseas. Most people truly understand that we’re doing it for the right reasons, it’s not like it’s for a financial gain, it’s something that we’ve all had to take time away from our other commitments to do. I had to take time away from BLUE OYSTER CULT, Ripper Owens is busy with his restaurant, his own solo career and of course he sings for Yngwie and has gigs to do with him. It’s not like any of us were just sitting around wondering what to do next, we all have other things that are very important to our careers but this is something we all needed to do and felt committed to do. The bottom line is we all have to remain focused as to why we are doing these shows and how important this is to honor Ronnie’s music."


Q: Sharon Osbourne said in her book that she will always remember the Blizzard of Ozz band when she hears Phil Collins. She said that the tour bus was always blaring the first Phil Collins album and Ozzy was obsessed with it. That was surprising to a lot of us metalheads.Do you feel the same way when you hear 'In the Air Tonight'? (laughs)

Sarzo: "Actually I remember it from soundcheck. It was something that was always being played as we got our levels right for sound check, the boards were not computerized like they are today so the house engineer would have to do it manually and I remember that song in particular because it was perfect for that. It has layers, just the way that song starts out and then the drums come in and then you know it just builds. It was a way to really get the sound right for the show. I remember every day hearing that song blasting down the hall. With Randy and I on the bus it was something different. A Lee Ritenour album called 'Captain Fingers' was what we would go back on the bus and relax to….it was something to calm down to after all the metal and was a nice fusion jazz thing (laughs). I do remember some ABACAB from GENESIS at that time though so maybe that’s what Sharon was talking about (laughs)."

Q: What is your favorite studio and favorite studio album that you did sessions for?

Sarzo: "Hmmm..that’s a good question. I have been in this Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp thing for a long time now and have really gotten to work in some great studios that I haven’t worked in before. I’ve grown to love Capitol Records Studios. That is a really great studio, designed by Les Paul and just amazing to work at because it‘s set up to record live. The typical studio is set up to do record all the musicians separate and do all these layers and I just don’t agree with that way of doing things. I think that all the music I grew up on and loved from the '60s and '70s was all basically recorded live in studio. When it’s all isolated and controlled you lose that communication from band member to band member and some of the magic is lost. As far as what record I’ve worked on that I really prefer, I’d have to say it’s the one I’ve just made with this new band Animetal USA. The buzz over this record is incredible in Japan and it’s me, Chris Impelliteri on guitars, Mike Vescera (LOUDNESS, OBSESSION) and Scott Travis (JUDAS PRIEST, RACER X). It’s not even out yet and our label Sony informed us that it debuted at #1 with preorders and all that. It will be coming out soon in the states soon but it’s basically an American metal spin on Japanese Anime themes and I have to tell you that record is the most intense record I have ever played on (laughs). It’s really heavy and fast and it’s really intense. We have really elaborate Kabuki makeup and costumes which is something I’ve never done before. I wore costumes in Ozzy but that was totally different this is more like a character, a superhero. We shot a video and will be touring and our first shows will be at the huge Japanese Metal Festival Loud Park. I think there’s a lot of people here in the US that will love it, too."

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ANIMETALUSA - UCHUUSENKAN YAMATO from 921 Associates on Vimeo.

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