RUNNING WILD’s Rock N’ Rolf Interviewed By Skullbanger; Audio

October 16, 2013, a year ago

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TJ Fowler from Skullbanger Media recently interviewed RUNNING WILD mainman Rock N’ Rolf Kasparek to talk about their new album, Resilient, possible touring, the band’s evolution over time and what Rolf hopes fans will take away from his music over the years. Running Wild have hit the Swedish charts with their new album, Resilient, out now in Europe and available in North America on October 22nd. The album lands on the Metal Charts at #5, and on the Album Charts at #54. In a new Bravewords feature, Rock N’ Rolf said the following about Resilient: “The truth came about when I was writing for the songs. It just turned out that some of the songs had some of the old stuff. Not because I tried to write like that, just because it came out like that. The songs had the spirit of the old stuff. We weren’t trying to copy that sound because it wouldn’t make sense because we’re in 2013. So we tried to get the best sound out of the songs that we could. In this case, it’s typical Running Wild.” To read the rest of Kelley Simms' Running Wild feature visit this location.
Tracklisting (digipak): 'Soldiers Of Fortune' 'Resilient' 'Adventure Highway' 'The Drift' 'Desert Rose' 'Fireheart' 'Run Riot' 'Down To The Wire' 'Crystal Gold' 'Bloody Island' 'Payola & Shenanigans' (bonus track) 'Premonition (bonus track) Tracklisting (jewel case CD): 'Soldiers Of Fortune' 'Resilient' 'Adventure Highway' 'The Drift' 'Desert Rose' 'Fireheart' 'Run Riot' 'Down To The Wire' 'Crystal Gold' 'Bloody Island'
Tracklisting (LP): LP 1: Side 1 'Soldiers Of Fortune' 'Resilient' 'Adventure Highway' Side 2 'The Drift' 'Desert Rose' 'Fireheart' LP 2: Side 3 'Run Riot' 'Down To The Wire' 'Crystal Gold' Side 4 'Bloody Island' For more details visit

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CONTINUUM - “A Surreal Descent”

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