RUSH - Clockwork Angels: The Graphic Novel Now Available For Pre-Order

December 24, 2013, 3 years ago

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RUSH-dedicated site has issued the following update:

"We learned last month that Boom! Studios would be releasing a graphic novel version of Kevin J. Anderson's Clockwork Angels novel in a series of 6 issues beginning next March. The first issue along with a complete 6-issue subscription are now available for pre-order at the Boom! Studios website (Issue #1 for $3.99, 6-issue subscription for $29.99). The series will be scripted by Anderson with artwork by Nick Robles. Anderson posted an update on the project to his blog earlier today including some more info on Nobles and why they chose him."

Rush lyricist/drummer Neil Peart hatched the coming-of-age story of a naive youngster in a turn-of-the-century world of airborne steam liners, pirates, carnivals, working alchemy and wind-up contraptions with novelist Kevin J. Anderson, who wrote the Clockwork Angels novel and is also penning the comic-book adaptation.

"It's just a beautifully painted world in the music that I tried to capture in the novel and now tried to turn into a different direction," says Anderson, who's working with artist newcomer Nick Robles.

"Who knows, we might have ice follies someday or a Broadway musical."

Clockwork Angels has grown far bigger than Peart ever imagined.

"Kevin and I had talked for years about combining a novel and an album in some fashion, but I guess the idea had to grow up as Kevin and I did — gaining maturity and confidence in our own separate crafts, while gaining the life experience necessary to give the story its scale and depth," Peart says.

"So, rather than a longtime dream realized, this project is more like a fantastic new dream unfolding before us."


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