SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT Ink Deal With Woodcut Records; New Album Details Revealed

March 23, 2013, a year ago

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Finnish extreme black metallers SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT have inked a deal with Woodcut Records who will release their third full-length, III - Lux Infera (which stands for The Light of Those Down Below, The Dead), on April 26th.
III - Lux Infera will feature the following tracks: 'Angel Graves' 'Down For Grim Lord' 'Scars For Scarred Ones' 'For Sins Of The Pigs' 'Through Punishing Gates' 'Behead The Infants Of God' 'Regain The Dormant Realm' 'His Gift Embodied' 'Deliverance From Unknown' The preview track 'Down for Grim Lord' can be heard below: In spite of several changes in line up within these years Sacrilegious Impalement has grown stronger through every year and release. SI's rows contains or has seen members from EVIL ANGEL, EXORDIUM, NEUTRON HAMMER, THE CRESCENT, URN, VITSAUS among others but the core of SI is Von Bastard (guitars, main songwriting), Tooloud (bass), Revenant (drums) and the new vocalist/lyricist Wrathprayer.
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