SAIGON KICK Drummer Phil Varone Hosting The Button South Reunion Kick-Off Party Tonight In Hallandale, FL

April 24, 2013, 4 years ago

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SAIGON KICK drummer Phil Varone has checked in with the following reminder:

"I wanted to remind everyone that I will be in South Florida hosting The Button South Reunion Kick-Off party tonight (April 25th) at the old Button South, now the Cheetah..Hope to see everyone there as well as Friday and Saturday night at the Culture Room, as I'm one of the hosts for the actual reunion. It's nice to come back to my old home and see old friends."

The event runs from 9:00pm - 6:00am. Go to this location for more information.

Varone released his autobiography, Un-Philtered: Real Life On And Off The Rock 'N' Roll Tour Bus, on April 17th via Riverdale Avenue Books.

Varone shares his thoughts on everything from what it’s really like to be a rock star on a bus for weeks on end to the man-band bonding rituals and endless groupies. He opens up about the inside story of what it’s like to sleep with more than 3,000 women and remember only half of it.

His pages take the reader through his childhood on Long Island, his role in founding Saigon Kick and his bizarre journey through the 80s and 90s rock scene. In between his rock ‘n roll memoir, Varone tells us how he sees the world in a no-holds barred riff on American culture – what makes it so unique and great to what makes it funny and often sad.

“This is a wildly original stand-up comedy routine, except the reader is sitting down,” said Lori Perkins, publisher of RAB. “It still makes me want to see his Sex, Stand Up, Rock & Roll Show when in gets to NYC.”

The e-book and trade paperback will be available through, and other online locations. Order an autographed copy directly from Phil at this location.

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