SAIGON KICK Guitarist Jason Bieler's OWL STRETCHING Offering 'F@#k You It's Christmas' For Limited Time Free Download

November 20, 2012, 4 years ago

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SAIGON KICK guitarist and OWL STRETCHING mastermind Jason Bieler has issued the following announcement:

"Ok, I am getting tons of requests for this, so you can download it for free right on the player! Happy Holidays!"

Bieler recently put a digital Owl Stretching EP up for sale via his label, Bieler Bros. Check out the complete tracklist with samples below. Go to this location to order.

During an exclusive interview with BW&BK; discussing the rumours of a Saigon Kick reunion Bieler shed some light on Owl Stretching:

“Owl Stretching is me working with different musicians, some of them older and more experienced, some new guys, and constantly messing with it and evolving with it. Because I own a label and a studio, I don’t really have to do anything. It’s been the most fun, and the most dangerous in a sense, because I really don’t care. I can do what I want with whoever I want and how I want along with the people working with me, with no real justification for it. I’m not concerned about whether radio will like it or being able to tour with it. We’re just making music that we think is cool for that moment. We’ve only done a few things so far, but the diversity of Owl Stretching makes Saigon Kick look like a death metal band (laughs).”

According to a recent update posted on the official Saigon Kick Facebook page, the band has gotten back together:

"A 20 year lapse has finally come to an end. Saigon Kick will be reuniting with all original members for a few shows this fall. Let's see if we can even make it past the first rehearsal."

Vocalist Matt Kramer checked in directly with BW&BK; and added to the announcement:

"No news yet, but we're on for giving a few shows a shot. The official line-up is confirmed for now: me (lead vocals), Jason Bieler (lead guitar), Phil Varone (drums), Tom Defile (bass) and Chris McLernon (rhythm guitar)."

McLernon was not a part of the original line-up, but came aboard as the band's bassist for the Water album in 1993 and remained with the band until they unofficially called it quits in 1999.

In a recent interview with Bieler - conducted before the reunion was 100% confirmed - he offered his thoughts on getting back together:

"The funny thing is I’ve done other things, I’m doing other projects, I’m having a blast, so when Phil (Varone/drums) reached out to me about doing a reunion… I don’t know. My only thing about Saigon Kick is that I wouldn’t want it to be a 'Will Work For Food' tour. I hate that, and I expressed to the guys that whatever and if ever we do something, I want to do it at a level that’s higher and better than it was. You tend to remember the best things about a band when they’re younger, and when you see them when you’re older you think 'Oh man, they suck! Maybe they’re still the same band and just never got any better.' I’d want to go out there and capture something, do something great. If we’re going to do some shows, I don’t want to show up with one flashlight and rip off the fans to make an extra $200. That’s not what I’m interested in."

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