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January 23, 2013, 4 years ago

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The reunited SAIGON KICK have issued following update:

"For those of you who are interested, we set up an email list so you can now get all the latest Kick news directly in your inbox. We will not spam or send tons of emails...just the big important stuff. You can sign up for the email list at"

Frontman Matt Kramer recently checked in with the following update:

"To a lot of people Saigon Kick was a one hit wonder. And since I left the band months after our first hit, that is a fact. The upside is there were two sides; we were also a very cool band with absolute belief from Atlantic Records, and a one hit wonder. That after all this time is, in a weird way, a plus.

Maybe Saigon Kick has finally come of age? Looking forward to jamming hard with the lads."

The official Saigon Kick line-up features Matt Kramer (lead vocals), Jason Bieler (lead guitar), Phil Varone (drums), Tom Defile (bass) and Chris McLernon (rhythm guitar).

McLernon was not a part of the original line-up, but came aboard as the band's bassist for the Water album in 1993 and remained until they unofficially called it quits in 1999.

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