SALEM - GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal To Perform With Band In Israel

March 15, 2011, 7 years ago

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GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal will be a special guest of Israeli death/doom metallers SALEM, at the band's May 6th show at Reading 3 in Tel Aviv.

The special event is for the re-release of the cult 1994 album, Kaddish (originally released by Germanu's Morbid Records), an album which represents the band's personal dirge for the Holocaust victims in WWII.

In a statement for the new edition of the album, Bumblefoot wrote: "This is the most true-to-art doom metal album I've ever heard, completely capturing the horror of mankind's utmost vulnerability to evil and self-destruction. Being someone who lost family to the Nazis in Poland, this album tore straight to my soul."

Producer of the event, Yishai Swearts of Raven Music, stated: "Both my parent's roots are sadly in the massacre done by the Nazis, my grandfather at the age of 13 saw his family slaughtered and had to escape to the forests of Russia and live in sub human terms for 4 years under the snow and bloodshed, he survived the horror, came to Israel and built a family where I was born, I feel that Ron's family's tragedy, my family's tragedy and Salem members family tree tragedy made it possible to unite and send a message of strength which is highly important and have a personal value for all of us, I am proud and glad to welcome Bumblefoot to be guest in the show and highly respect him for this important thing."

Salem vocalist Zeev Tananboim stated: "Kaddish is our desperate cry in memory of the horrors that happened to our families, the Holocaust followed me all my life as a dark shade which is so scary to look at, by doing this album we dared to look at the face of the horror and send two important messages: We will mever forget, and we are here to survive, I highly respect Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal as a musician and person and thou we live in different parts of the globe: we share the same loss, the same grief, and music was created to unite people's feelings, we are looking forward to this important show and special musical message with Ron."

Watch the video for 'Haayara Boeret' (The City's On Fire), from the album Kaddish, below:

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