SARAH JEZEBEL DEVA Drummer Recaps Metal Female Voices Festival 2012 - "We Were Buzzing For A Good Couple Of Hours After We Came Off Stage"

October 25, 2012, 4 years ago

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Vocalist SARAH JEZEBEL DEVA performed at the Metal Female Voices Festival 2012 in Wieze, Belgium on October 21st. Drummer Damjan has checked in with a recap of the experience:

"Hey everyone, Damjan here. We had such a good time in Belgium this weekend it was unreal! We ran late getting there on the saturday, but we were very well looked after when we arrived. On the Sunday we had a really fun photo shoot and got ready for the show with help from some friends from our tour with TRISTANIA last month. The show itself went really well, none of the major technical problems we had last time. The crowd was great and it was sooooooo much fun playing on such a big stage. We were buzzing for a good couple of hours after we came off. Unfortunately, we had to drive back that night so didn't catch the end of the show, and we ended getting home so late and so tired it was unreal! It really was a great show, thanks to everyone who came and watched and hung out and made it possible. See you all soon."

Check out a photo gallery from the band's set here.

As previously reported, Sarah and her band are comfirmed for Les-Fest, which will take place on June 28th - 30th 2013 at Valley International Park in Crossford, North Lanarkshire. For event information go to this location.

Go to this location for BW&BK;'s recent interview with Sarah about her new Malediction EP.

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