SATURNUS Announce Lineup Change, Reveal New Band Pic; Seeking Label Following Split With Firebox Records

March 21, 2011, 6 years ago

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Denmark's SATURNUS, one of the most inspiring and widely recognised names in the melancholic doom metal genre, started way back in 1991. SInce then they have released 3 albums and an EP. A slow output some might think, but with each one standing beside itself as a monumental release of emotional and crashing doom metal, one cannot judge or cast a weary eye.

The band have just finished a short tour behind the iron curtain which brought them to Moldova, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. They put it themselves as "exceeding well and above all our expectations with full houses everywhere".

Some words from vocalist Thomas A.G.:

"Saturnus has been through a major transition due to a necessary line-up change arising from different views on how things needed to be run. This put the brakes on the bands progression for so long that eventually something had to break or otherwise we would inevitably have split up. We love playing live whenever we can and right now we want to do it more than ever to follow on and raise our profile once again to echo the success of our last album, Veronica Decides To Die, and previous efforts.

"The new lineup is just perfect. All the things I have been looking for in musicians has been delivered perfectly; the creativity, the lust for playing live, the understanding of the universe of Saturnus and the way to compose is just perfect. I could not wish for better.

"Leaving Firebox Records was necessary for Saturnus and even with one contractual album left to be fulfilled, both parties amicably

decided to annul the contract we had and go our separate ways. So now the future lies open for Saturnus. We need a record label to fully get the ship back out to sea again, and believe me we are hungry like never before.”

Saturnus' demo was produced by Jon/Starstruck Studios and Saturnus. It was recorded at Starstruck Studios & Rehearsal Room between October 2010 - Febuary 2011. The demo was mixed/mastered by Flemming Rasmussen (METALLICA, MORBID ANGEL, BLIND GUARDIAN, etc.) at Sweet Silence NV. All music and lyrics by Saturnus.


'The Litany Of Rain'

'A Father’s Providence'

'Wind Torn'

'Between' (working title)

Saturnus lineup:

Thomas A.G. - Vocals

Henrik Glass - Drums

Mattias Svensson - Guitar

Rune Stiassny - Guitar, Keys

Brian Pomykala Hansen - Bass

Check out a live version of 'Wind Torn', recorded at the 2009 Madrid is The Dark Festival, below:

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