SAVATAGE - Still The Orchestra Plays Double CD/DVD Due Next Month

January 7, 2010, 5 years ago

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On February 26th, Ear Music will release a triple disc (two CDs and one DVD) set from SAVATAGE - Still The Orchestra Plays - Greatest Hits Volume 1 & 2. The two CDs feature 20 previously released songs as well as three new tracks, recorded last year by Jon Oliva. The tracklisting is as follows: CD1: Greatest Hits Vol.1 'Power Of The Night' 'Hall Of The Mountain King' '24 Hours Ago' 'Legions' 'Gutter Ballet' 'Summers Rain' 'When The Crowds Are Gone' 'Ghost In The Ruins' 'If I Go Away' 'NYC Don‘t Mean Nothing' 'Edge Of Thorns' 'All That I Bleed' CD2: Greatest Hits Vol.2 'Handful Of Rain' 'Chance' 'One Child' 'I Am' 'Anymore' 'Hourglass' 'The Wake Of Magellan' 'Morphine Child' Bonus tracks (recorded by Jon Oliva in 2009): 'Anymore' (acoustic) 'Not What You See' (acoustic) 'Out On The Streets' (acoustic) DVD – Japan Live ‘94 'Taunting Cobras' 'Edge Of Thorns' 'Chance' 'Conversation Piece' 'Nothing Going On' 'He Carves His Stone' 'Jesus Saves' 'Watching You Fall' 'Castles Burning' 'All That I Bleed' 'Stare Into The Sun' 'Damien' 'Handful Of Rain' 'Sirens' 'Gutter Ballet' 'Hall Of The Mountain King'

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SLAYER - "When The Stillness Comes"

SLAYER - "When The Stillness Comes"

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