SAXON Frontman Biff Byford Featured In Attention Deficit Delirium Podcast #9

November 18, 2011, 7 years ago

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Attention Deficit Delirium Podcast #9 is now available.

Biff Byford discusses the new SAXON album Call To Arms, his love for reading historical books, the band's possible orchestral show in Warsaw next year, the forthcoming film Hybrid Theory that will feature two songs from the new album, staying true to his working class roots, their popularity in Texas, and more. A few excerpts follow:

“I was probably a British soldier in my life before. I keep going back to the soldier theme.”
"We're working on orchestrated pieces at the moment. We're going to do a concert in Warsaw next year or the year after with an orchestra. Call To The Arms the orchestrated version is part of that process. The anthemic songs definitely. We've already got 'Crusader' orchestrated, and it sounds fantastic. We did '747', but it didn't quite work, so we're only going to use songs that work [and don't sound jarring]."
"We remain youthful with our music. The metal/hard rock fan can rely on Saxon. We have a great relationship with our fans. We have a great website, we're on Facebook, we're all over the place. We get a lot of hits on YouTube. I suppose in some ways we have become relevant again after those dark times in the the '90s."

Listen to the podcast at this location.

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