SCORPIONS Guitarist Rudolph Schenker - "Many Fans Are Asking For A SCHENKER BROTHERS Album; That’s A Possibility..."

December 22, 2010, 9 years ago

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SCORPIONS guitarist Rudoph Schenker is featured in a new interview with Greece-based Rock Pages. An excerpt is available below. So, that decision of yours to say goodbye… maybe it will “need” some more years, in order to be implemented…

Rudolf Schenker: "I’ll tell you one thing. Can you tell me what you’ll be doing in three years?" Now?

Rudolf Schenker: "Yeah! (laughs) We have already talked to the promoter. We have an outstanding idea for the last concert, we will carefully proceed because we are Germans, we are not joking, we don’t want to come to the point that people consider we are cheating. We made this decision because we think this is the right time to do it. You cannot do that when you are seventy. Blues is different. You can sit on a stool and play for as long as you can." Solo career… is that term appealing to you? Because after the huge chapter of Scorpions is closed, you might consider doing something else.

Rudolf Schenker: "Look, my brother and I, we brought out the Schenker Brothers guitar, made by Dean. Many fans are asking for a Schenker Brothers album. That’s a possibility. I will have time to do that. When I have a creative push… you have to follow your instinct. Nothing is the same now than it was a second ago! That’s the power of now! If I think about a solo career now, I will lose the momentum of now." Have you ever thought about the day after?

Rudolf Schenker: "No, I don’t make plans, they ruin the momentum. When I decided to go to Dakar, my manager said to me 'Are you stupid? It’s the toughest rally and we have a full tour ahead!' But I was feeling well, so I made the decision. One of my best ever."

Click this location for the complete interview.

US syndicated radio program Rockline aired a Scorpions special on December 15th under the moniker Notes In Music, where host Bob Coburn went through the history of the band beginning with their 1979 breakthrough album in North America called Lovedrive. A replay of the show is currently available at this location.

The Scorpions have released the Premium Edition of their new album, Sting In The Tail, via Sony which includes the following tracklisting:


'Raised On Rock'

'Sting In The Tail'

'Slave Me'

'The Good Die Young'

'No Limit'

'Rock Zone'


'Turn You On'

'Let's Rock'


'Spirit Of Rock'

'The Best Is Yet To Come'


'Too Far'

'Miracle' (regular version)

'The Good Die Young' (new version)

'Thunder And Lightning'

Bonus DVD:

'Sting In The Tail' (live video San Antonio)

'The Best Is Yet To Come' (live video Prague)

'Sting In The Tail' (Video Message - EPK)

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