SEAR BLISS - Vic Records To Reissue Early Titles

September 18, 2006, 12 years ago

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Vic Records ( has issued the following in regards to SEAR BLISS:

Hungary's Sear Bliss has signed to Candlelight Records. Vic Records will do a re-release of their first 3 albums (Phantoms, The Pagan Winter and The Haunting), all will be re-mastered, remixed and partly rerecorded and many previous unreleased bonus tracks will be added.

Vic Records will also release the STAR CROSSED debut CD, the project band of Sear Bliss main man Andras Nagy (vocals, bass, guitars and keys) and a very special album consisting of current and ex-Sear Bliss members (i.g. Winter from FOREST SILENCE), will be recorded and released on Vic Records, the music written throughout the 12.5 years of Sear Bliss’ excistence.

Vic Records will also release a mini-CD of Forest Silence, the main band of former Sear Bliss keyboard player Winter.

More details to follow.

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