SEASON OF GHOSTS Vocalist SOPHIA ASLANIDES - "As Fans, You Have Incredible Power; Without You, No Event Or Artist Can Exist For Long"

October 21, 2019, 9 months ago

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SEASON OF GHOSTS Vocalist SOPHIA ASLANIDES - "As Fans, You Have Incredible Power; Without You, No Event Or Artist Can Exist For Long"

Season Of Ghosts / former Blood Stain Child vocalist Sophia Aslanides has checekd in with the following message:

"Regarding Metal Matsuri a couple weeks ago, many people approached me asking why I didn't appear on stage with Blood Stain Child. I also heard from others that their friends told them they wouldn't attend the show unless I was announced as a special guest for BSC. That's all okay, but if you guys, as fans want something specific you must realise that you DO HAVE the power to claim it. Shows are essentially commercial events, so if the organiser is gonna make more money he will try to accommodate fan requests whenever possible.

How many of you sent an email to Orion Live or Blood Stain Child to ask for me to appear as a special guest? At the Necronomidol show several people came to me asking the same thing. I told them if you want it, ask for it and those in charge might listen.

As fans, you have incredible power; without you no event or artist can ever exist for long. If you raise your voice high enough and put effort into spreading the word, you can achieve crazy things. Understand and realise your power. You wanna see your fave artist at your city's convention / venue?ASK! Not them, but people in charge. And don't be lazy; things don't just happen randomly. It's called demand and supply. Everything works like that. Don't be a passive fan, be active and I can guarantee you're gonna have much more fun whatever you do, whoever you choose to support. 


Season Of Ghosts recently released an official music video for the song "Listen" from their second full length album, A Leap Of Faith, which was released in October 2018. Check it out below.

"A Leap Of Faith came to life, as the result of our collective experiences since the creation of The Human Paradox and although one could say that four years is not such a long period of time, a lot has changed within and without, on every possible level," says Season Of Ghosts vocalist Sophia Aslanides.

"Every challenge, of course, is an opportunity in disguise, as well as a valuable lesson, so me and Sam attempted to put this into music and words. In A Leap Of Faith, as well as everything I've ever worked on, every word has a purpose, every note, every meaning has been carefully selected with intent. We do not believe in fast fashion, fast art, therefore we create slowly, hoping that our songs will mean something to someone in the years to come. This album bears significant emotional weight for us who created it, existential intensity, but also it's very pleasant to the ear, easy to listen, hopeful. We feel it conveys a straightforward, honest, loving message to those who'll let it be their life soundtrack for an hour or so."

"For the needs of A Leap Of Faith, we combined our musical influences, spanning from Japanese visual kei, to American rock, to European metal, inviting our friends from all over the world to contribute with their unique musical style, Fatal FE (ex-Fail Emotions) from Russia, who was in charge for most keyboards, Masaki (This is a Pen) from Japan, who played piano on 'You Are Not Your Pain' and of course Mr Fusix who worked his magic on the mix and master. My good friend Intetsu from Japanese Visual Kei band, Ayabie, handled all photography and videos, the ethical, ethnopunk UK brand, Psylo, took care of our costumes and Sam along with Paul were in charge of art direction. Looking back, it's so surprising that sometimes darkness can create something so harmonious, beautiful and full of light."

"A Leap Of Faith is not a concept album like the previous one, but undoubtedly it has a concept if one connects the dots. It emerged during a prolonged period of mental, emotional and physical drought, so it bears a certain level of rawness in its sound, its artistic concept, the photography, the aesthetics, which comes in contradiction to the more lavish atmosphere of The Human Paradox. I am in no way denouncing my beliefs or my style, I just happen to like lots of different things and everyone deserves variety, so this album has been tasked with the mission of conveying our message in a more laconic, no-frills - literally - straightforward way, It's a bittersweet memoir and a peculiar, daily life user manual for those who dare to listen closely. For me, A Leap Of Faith is the music of the spirit, soul- nurturing, it means to offer insight and love, but you, the listener, can take whatever you need from it.".


"The Road So Far"
"A Place To Call Home"
"Astero (Id)"
"A Leap Of Faith"
"How The Story Ends"
"Almost Human"
"What A Time To Be Alive"
"You Are Not Your Pain"
"Listen (To This)" [Fatal Fe Remix]

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