SEBASTIAN BACH Working On "Top Secret Project"; Photo Online

November 11, 2012, 4 years ago

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Vocalist SEBASTIAN BACH posted the photo below on his Facebook page on November 9th, stating that he was working on a "top secret project that will revolutionize popular music as we know it."

Stay tuned for more teasers and details.

Bach recently posted the following message on Facebook:

"Here it is.. the first picture taken of me and Dave "The Snake" Sabo in 16 years. I know there are those of you reading this that have been waiting since 1996 to see this happen. We got to hang out together for the first time in .... well, a long time. We talked, laughed, and in the end, even hugged. It was great to see my old friend. It was great to talk with Dave about the past..... And the future."

In July, Bach issued an open letter to Skid Row and the original Skid Row fans.

"I do not want to be in their band even now," Bach said about a reunion with his former bandmates. "All I ever said was that, for the fans, I could get on stage with them and sing 'I Remember You' and 'Youth Gone Wild', even in the right key. I am completely happy with my new record Kicking & Screaming. I am the only musician from the original Skid Row to place anything at all on the Billboard Top 200 album chart, with 'Kicking' reaching #68 & Angel Down reaching #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart. My record deal for Frontiers is demanding that I do another solo album right now. I am completely happy with my band members in my solo band. But for the fans, I do understand their frustration at the fact that all five members of Skid Row are still alive, we cannot get in the same room together. It's not fair to the fans. I do not want anything more in this life than to make great music and play great shows. I do not need my old band to do that. But, for the fans, I would be willing to put my ego aside and do something that would be special for the people who put us where we are today. I do not personally want it myself. But its not always about "what I want". If the fans really want to see us together, I would do it for the fans. Sometimes you can do things for people other than yourself."

Read his entire letter here.

Skid Row recorded three albums with Sebastian Bach including the band's multi-platinum debut in 1989, 1991's Slave To The Grind and 1995's Subhuman Race.

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