SECRET SPHERE - Acoustic Gig During Japanese Promo Tour In Planning

December 9, 2012, 4 years ago

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SECRET SPHERE's Aldo Lonobile (guitars) and Michele Luppi (vocals) will be in Tokyo, Japan for a promo tour from December 15th to 20th. They will be meeting with some of the country's best known metal publications, like Burrn! Magazine and Young Guitar, and a special acoustic gig is planned for December 17th. Details will be revealed soon.

The band’s current lineup consists of:

Aldo Lonobile – Rythm and lead guitar

Michele Luppi – Vocals

Andrea Buratto – Bass

Gabriele Ciaccia – Keyboards

Marco Pastorino – Rythm guitars

Federico Pennazzato – Drums

The tracklist for Secret Sphere's new album, Portrait Of A Dying Heart, is as follows:

'Portrait Of A Dying Heart'


'Wish & Steadiness'


'The Fall'


'Lie To Me'

'Secrets Fear'

'The Rising Of Love'


'Legend 2012' (Japan Bonus Track)

The CD feature a 40-page booklet, including the novel She Complies With The Night, on which the album is based.

Portrait Of A Dying Heart was released October 24th via Warner Music (Japan) and through Scarlet Records (rest of the world) on November 25th.

Check out the songs 'The Fall' and 'Healing' below:

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