SEPULTURA Perform 'Slave New World' At Rock Hard Festival; Video Posted

July 16, 2013, 4 years ago

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Back in May, SEPULTURA performed at the famous Rock Hard Festival in Germany. Rockpalast has posted more footage of the band's performance. Clips of the band performing 'Slave New World' and 'Troops Of Doom' can now be seen below:

Sepultura's Andreas Kisser has issued the following studio update via DP No Estúdio Com O Sepultura (DP in the studio with Sepultura):

"So the recording is done and then again, what an experience! I’m so happy with the result and all the stuff we did on it, it’s mind blowing! Thank you Ross Robinson, you are a true master of producing music, always working for the song and nothing else, there’s no bullshit, no fake performance, no cheating! It’s real, simple, pure, awesome and beautiful, thank you for making us a better band.

The last days were really busy, with many little things to fix on vocals and guitars, details that makes a big difference on the whole picture.

We worked on the intro for the album that was a perfect noisy symphony. I will tell you all what the album intro is: actually the intro is the demo we did just before we went to the studio, with all the songs played at the same time! All the songs at the same time!! It’s like you are listening all the songs that you will listen separate on the album at once, it sounds so great, noisy and powerful and it was a result of an accident that I had on my computer, each song had it’s track so when I accidentally played the tracks together they came strong and beautiful so I decided to show the guys and they all liked! So we had our intro and that was one of the last things we did. Also we chose the right spot for the Dave Lombardo jam on the song, it sounds amazing, what a drummer!

The last day was to rest a little and to celebrate the incredible five weeks we had, everybody felt great and confident that we did something very special and something we want to share with all of you very soon.

We left the studio straight to the stage in Piracicaba, Brazil, a long trip that was hard but we managed to play a great show with an amazing energy, it felt great to be back home and on stage.

I’m writing this report at my hotel room after the gig, with a nice feeling of a mission accomplished. I’m still will continue the reports and all the up dates to you all on the mixing process, the name of the album and I will reveal the cover here, very soon you will have all the information about our new music and the art work.

Thanks a lot to the staff of the Diario de Pernambuco, specially the Sepularmy soldier Emanuel who was crucial for this to happen. Thanks to all of you around the world who is following my reports on the new stuff, we still have a lot to talk about.

Steve Evetts will start the mixing very soon, you will know everything here!"

The follow-up to 2011's Kairos is due in October via Nuclear Blast Records. The album is set to feature nine songs (titles include 'The Age Of The Atheist', 'Tsunami', The Vatican' and 'Trauma of War') and two bonus tracks (the previously announced covers of DEATH and Brazilian group CHICO SCIENCE E NAÇÃO ZUMBI). The new Sepultura album will also feature a guest appearance from former SLAYER drummer, Dave Lombardo (PHILM).

Sepultura live:


19 - São José dos Campos, Brazil


9 - Goiania, Brazil
10 - Indaial, Brazil
31 - Caruaru, Brazil

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