SHADE EMPIRE Ink Deal With Candlelight Records

February 19, 2013, a year ago

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Candlelight Records has announced the signing of Finnish metal band SHADE EMPIRE. Formed in Kuopio Finland 1999, Shade Empire has developed its own genre, according to a press release. After three demos they inked deal with Italian label Avantgarde Records. Soon after that Shade Empire was ready to record the first full length album titled as Sinthetic (2004). In May 2006 Shade Empire unleashed the next album, Intoxicate O.S., which achieved position 25 on the Official Finnish Charts. Zero Nexus was a concept album, taking the band to new dimensions! The album was released in spring 2008 and it rose to 15 on the official Finnish charts!
Recordings for their fourth album called 'Omega Arcane', the first for Candlelight Records, are now finished. The album consists of 11 songs and totals over 74 minutes in length! Omega Arcane is massive, a heavily orchestrated concept album and takes the bands sound to a whole new level. About the signing the band comment: "We are very pleased to move into one of the reputed label's roster. When we started to make a new album, it was clear that we want as many to hear it, because it is massive. When Candlelight Records was interested, we didn't have difficult to think about this option. It is great to leave our footprints in this prestigious roster what they have and have had. They really have done fantastic job with metal music in general. With this partnership, we look at a good mind for the future! And when the album will be published in due time, it's great to share it with all of you!"
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VARGA - "Three Section Staff" Video Premiere

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