SHADOWKEEP Issue Apology For Monterrey Cancellation, Looking For A New Singer

June 4, 2005, 13 years ago

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As previously reported, SHADOWKEEP cancelled their scheduled appearance at the Monterrey Metal Festival for undisclosed reasons, with vocalist Ronnie Stixx issuing an apology to the fans. Guitarist Nicki Robson contacted BW&BK; after seeing the news piece to let us know that Stixx's apology was something of a joke in that he was part of the reason for the cancellation. The band has now issued the following statement:

"ShadowKeep would like to apologize to all the fans in Mexico for cancelling our appearance at the Monterrey Metal festival. Our reasons being that the drummer we were using let us down and had not learnt the songs properly, which left us with no alternative but to cancel the show. We can assure everyone that we did not take this decision lightly. Also, on the day of the festival Ronnie Stixx quit ShadowKeep, so we couldn't of done it anyway.

However, on a good note, ShadowKeep will be continuing. The new album is called The Awakening. We have a couple of songs to finish, myself and Chris and Stony have worked too hard to stop now. It's in our blood! We will be holding auditions for prospective singers sometime in the near future. Any interested parties contact"


Nicki, Chris and Stony


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