SHADOWSIDE Guitarist Raphael Mattos - "I Nearly Became A Professional Soccer Player"

November 20, 2012, 4 years ago

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SHADOWSIDE guitarist Raphael Mattos is featured in a new interview with Guitar International. An excerpt is available below:

Q: Who are some of your early guitar heros?

Raphael Mattos: "When I was eight years old my father took me to a DEEP PURPLE show with Ritchie Blackmore on the guitar and I can say that changed my life, it made me want to have a guitar and got me hooked to other bands in the genre such as BLACK SABBATH, LED ZEPPELIN and QUEEN."

Q: First song you ever learned to play?

Raphael Mattos: "The very first one was 'Basket Case' from GREEN DAY, but the second was the most important one since it had a cooler structure and had solos, that was IRON MAIDEN’s 'Wasting Love'."

Q: What would you have done if you never picked up the guitar?

Raphael Mattos: "As a matter of fact I went to college; I studied International Relations just before I joined the band. But, even before buying my first guitar, I nearly became a professional soccer player. I was a goalkeeper and had an accident during practice, I got kicked in the head and had head trauma. I was in a coma for a day. It took me off the playing field and I was going to be away from soccer for a year, that’s when I decided to be a guitarist instead."

Go to this location for the complete interview.

As previously reported, Shadowside vocalist Nolden will be Matt O'Shaughnessy's special live guest this Friday (November 23rd) on worldwide and 1460 AM locally in New York at 9:10 PM, EST. Tracks from Shadowside's new release, Inner Monster Out, will be featured during the broadcast. The group which originates from sunny Santos, Brazil, has shared the stage with the likes of IRON MAIDEN, W.A.S.P. and HELLOWEEN among others and they recently won the eleventh Independent Music Awards in the Best Metal/Hardcore category in the Vox Pop poll.

"Brazil has always been a rabid hotbed of heavy metal, and it is my distinct headbanging pleasure to welcome Dani of Shadowside to WVOX's Metal Mayhem for the very first time!", rages Matt O'Shaughnessy.

Metal Mayhem airs every friday from 6 - 10 PM and can be viewed on live webcam at

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