SHADOWSIDE Vocalist Dani Nolden On Producer Fredrik Nordström - "I Would Tell Him 'I Can’t Do This'; He Would Start To Record And Pretend He Hadn’t Heard Me"

November 15, 2012, 4 years ago

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Dani Nolden, vocalist for Brazil-based SHADOWSIDE, is featured in a new interview with Hardrock Haven. An excerpt is available below:

HRH: I love your voice. The band has a unique sound full of melody yet combining thrash. It is everything combined. Do you agree?

Dani: "I agree with you. I am actually glad that you have that impression. That is kind of where we wanted to go. We wanted to mix all of our influences. I like thrash metal as well but I like thrash metal that has singers. We wanted to mix it all together without sounding like our favorite bands. We wanted to sound like ourselves. I always like melodies. I want to explore with my voice as much as I can. I really like to be challenged. It is always a challenge when the producer asks you to come up with something and you are not sure if you are able to. Our producer Fredrik Nordstrom came to me and said 'I want you to sing this.' I would tell him, 'I can’t do this' and he would just ignore it. He would start to record and pretend he hadn’t heard me. It is very fun to explore our musicality like that."

HRH: Did your producer set the bar very high?

Dani: "Yes, he did. Fredrik is very direct. He is not the type of producer that is going to give us a pat on the back. We didn’t want a guy paying us compliments. We felt that was for the fans and the press later to give us compliments rather than the producer. He has to set the bar high, so we can get out of the studio with something good. It was very good to deal with Fredrik Nordstrom because he is a perfectionist. He knew exactly what the band was after. He would be very straightforward when something was not sounding good. He left the creative process to us. He would never tell us what to do. But he would be very honest to what was working or not."

Go to this location for the complete interview.

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