SHANE GAALAAS Issues Live In Osaka CD

August 18, 2006, 12 years ago

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Acclaimed Canadian drummer SHANE GAALAAS (GLENN HUGHES, COSMOSQUAD, DIESEL MACHINE) has released his third solo album, Live In Osaka, on the Japanese Big M.F. label. Featuring Gaalaas on guitar and lead vocals, Schon (guitar), Akihito Tokunaga (bass) and Kaichi Kurose (drums), Live In Osaka contains songs from Gaalaas' two studio albums, Primer (2003) and Hinge (2005), as well as a 2006 re-mix of 'Error Humanize' as a bonus track. The tracklisting is as follows: 'To The Ground', 'The Lost Weekend', 'Hearing What You Said', 'Error Humanize',

'Broken Stranger', 'L.A.C.A.', 'Just Like You', 'Sickify', 'Funny People', 'Time To Feed', 'The Wave', 'Inside Out', 'Error Humanize' (o-six mix).

Gaalaas is in the midst of touring major venues with Japanese superstars B'Z in support of the band's latest studio album, Monsters' which currently sits atop the national charts. The album's lead-off single, 'Splash', entered the charts at #1 in early June and is the band's forty-second consecutive Number One hit. In addition, Gaalaas has lined up a number of promotional solo radio appearances and drums clinics around the country. He can be seen and heard at the following locations and stations:


18 - ZIP-FM - J-Friday (Nagoya, Japan) 11:30 - 11:45 / DJ: James Heavens
18 - RADIO-I - Coconut Drive (Nagoya, Japan) 14:00 - 14:20 / DJ: Vance K
25 - FM-COCORO - Radio City (Osaka, Japan) DJ: Mojo
21 - Club Zion (, Nagoya, Japan)
24 - ESP Musical Academy (Tokyo, Japan)
25 - Wild Music School (Tokyo, Japan)
30 - MI Japan (Osaka, Japan)

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