SILENT FORCE Guitarist Announces Fender Guitar Workshop For Holland

August 15, 2008, 12 years ago

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SILENT FORCE / VOODOO CIRCLE guitarist Alex Beyrodt will hold a Fender guitar workshop on August 30th in Doetinchem, Holland at Music Vriese (Dr. Huber Noodtstraat 87, 7001DV). It starts at 1:00pm.

As previously reported, Beyrodt's Voodoo Circle debut is currently being mixed. Audio clips of three songs are available at this location.

Voodoo Circle is: Alex Beyrodt (guitars - Silent Force), David Readman (vocals - PINK CREAM 69), Mel Gaynor (drums - SIMPLE MINDS, GARY MOORE, BRIAN MAY), Mat Sinner (bass - PRIMAL FEAR, SINNER) and Jimmy Kresic (keyboards).

Guests on the album include Rudy Sarzo (bass - OZZY OSBOURNE, WHITESNAKE, DIO), Doogie White (vocals - CORNERSTONE, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN), Norifumi Shima (guitars - DOUBLE DEALER) and Richard Anderrson (MAJESTIC, TIME REQUIEM, SPACE ODYSSEY).

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ENSLAVED - "Urjotun" (Nuclear Blast)

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