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July 30, 2013, 6 years ago

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Germany's SINNER, featuring PRIMAL FEAR bassist Mat Sinner, will issue a collection of re-recorded versions of the best songs from the band's early years, entitled Touch Of Sin 2, on August 30th in Europe and Septemebr 10th in North America, via AFM Records.


'Born To Rock'

'Comin' Out Fighting'

'Bad Girl'

'Knife In My Heart'

'Concrete Jungle'

'Don't Believe A Word'


'Germany Rocks'

'Danger Zone'


'Blood On The Sand'

'Lost In A Minute'


'Heat Of The City'


Mat Sinner previously stated: "When we were younger and new to the music business, we were proud to be part of the Noise Records family and to get the chance to sign a contract with them. Reading this contract so many years later, you can't but shake your head in disbelief and wonder what must have possessed us. The exclusive rights to the recordings have since been bought and sold numerous times with the effect that none of those who owned them has ever had any relation to either the production itself or to how it was created.

Today, the older Sinner songs still enjoy great popularity within the scene. We continue to play them live even though the CDs aren't available any longer. It is Universal who owns the albums at the moment - but does not distribute the CDs. Therefore, they're to be held responsible that CDs from this era can only be purchased at exorbitant prices.

Unfortunately, the musicians and songwriters involved have no means of dealing with the matter - our hands are tied. When I offered to do a remix on several songs for a Best Of album, I was told that the original tapes have mysteriously disappeared and were probably burned in an 'accidental' fire. That much about the pearls of our past.

AFM Records and I - business partners for many years - came up with the idea to once again record the best songs from this era. The album was supposed to feature several guests and to come with a wicked fan package. Initially, I was sceptical, but recent shows have shown the amount of fun and energy the band would put into these songs. However, I will only put this plan into action under one condition: the whole band has to lock themselves into the studio and record the whole thing together. I'm fed up with the assumption that it works if everyone records their stuff at home or comes cheaper. That's bullshit - this challenge meets us at exactly the right time and we'll face it!

So we're gonna get started asap! Project Mission Impossible: Sinner - Touch Of Sin 2! You better be prepared"

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