SLASH Bassist TODD KERNS - "Down I Went Like A Mighty Canadian Oak"

February 10, 2013, 4 years ago

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SIN CITY SINNERS frontman TODD KERNS is currently on tour in Europe playing bass for SLASH. Dammit, as Todd is affectionately referred to, has written a new blog titled, After The Fall; an excerpt follows:

"There is nothing like a good, dirt eating wipeout. The only thing better than taking a spill is taking it in front of 6000 people. When you have played on as may stages as I have you are bound to crash and burn every now and again...

On the OZZY tour with Slash I spilled backing up into a monitor and down I went like a mighty Canadian Oak. I was back up in no time-beat unmissed! That’s the trick - keep playing. Always keep playing. Amateurs stop. Pros keep rocking!

So in Budapest the other night I pulled almost the same move as the Ozzy show. I backed up and got tripped up and down I went. It all happens so fast that you have no idea how you’re gonna come out of it. All you know is that gravity has failed you and you aren’t gonna win this round. So you go down CRASH and get up as quickly as possible. Somehow I went into some kind of handicapped half roll and was back on my feet before I knew it with the nerve to stand triumphant like I’d won gold in men’s synchronized swimming. More like unsynchronized falling.

Somehow it was convincing enough that later Slash would ask me if that was on purpose. Oh, no. Not at all. I fell, plain and simple. Of course Slash didn’t witness it’s full majesty. Just his bass player rolling from the floor to ridiculous triumphant stance. Behind sunglasses and glaring lights that may have given the appearance of a long planned and tirelessly rehearsed routine but no - trip, fall (yes, fall), roll, triumph. Plain and not so simple. Not so simple with a Music Man Stingray bass guitar in your hands. Which remained unharmed I’ll have you know.

It won’t be the last time. It may not be the last time this tour!

I spent January rocking Vegas with the Sin City Sinners. We had some fun times. Jammed with friends new and old.

I also spent the brunt of my time on my new solo album, Hello Cruel World. I’ve done some pretty good damage so far. I took on quite a lot, to be honest. A full album plus an EP while touring with Slash AND playing with the Sinners? Yes. My wheels always gotta be spinning. I can’t stand it any other way.

It was a lot of fun revisiting some of my old songs for the Near Life Experience EP. Some of them are pretty radically different from their original recordings. I hope you get a kick out of hearing them turned upside down a little.

It’s always exciting to breathe life into new ideas and watch them come into fruition. That’s a flowery way of saying it’s cool to put new songs on tape. Some of the newer material was intended to be recorded with full band arrangements with drums and electric guitars but I think it’s cool to present them as such then readdress them later with the full arrangement. It’s always exciting to peel a song down to just a guitar and a vocal. That’s essentially all a song is. A simple piece of music and a voice. Almost any song can be played as such."

Todd's blog can be read in its entirety at this location.

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