SLASH Bassist TODD KERNS - "Trapped In 5 Star Prison Cells"

November 24, 2012, 4 years ago

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SLASH bassist TODD KERNS - who also fronts SIN CITY SINNERS - has written a new blog titled, Seared Bullocks a la Jalapenos; an excerpt follows:

"This is my first blog of the South American tour. I managed to get a couple out in Europe but our life here in Latin America is the most beautiful form of chaos. You will never see such passion as you do from the people down here. Their love of music is vocal and hot and everywhere. We are trapped in 5 star prison cells as security strongly, strongly recommends we not venture beyond the controlled chaos of the hotel or the venue. That is not a complaint in the least. Small price to pay to share your passion with people who wear it so openly.

Crowds of people at the airports. Crowds of people at the hotels. An explosion of voice, punishing heat and passion at the shows. It is overwhelming to say the least. In the most wonderful way imaginable.

So after riding wave after wave of the highest of highs we find ourselves in North America once again, albeit the southern most part. A torturous overnight flight from Buenos Aires to Caracas due to political unrest (not your normal touring complications) had us punch drunk. Add to that a 5 am lobby call the following day (after tearing down Caracas with Rock n Roll no less) to get ourselves to Mexico and you are looking at a traveling circus of zombies.

Zombie circus. That actually sounds interesting. Would the zombies do tricks? I don’t see them having the coordination for tight rope walking though I suppose watching the undead fall to their undeaths brings an entertainment of its own."

To read Todd's blog in its entirety, click here.

Catch Todd on tour with Slash at the following shows:


24 - Banamex Theater - Monterrey, Mexico
25 - Telmex Theater - Guadalajara, Mexico
27 - Sports Palace - Mexico City, Mexico


2 - The Wiltern - Los Angeles, CA
8 - Bayfront Park - Miami, FL

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