SLASH - "I Had Absolutely No Aspirations To Be A Movie Producer"

September 26, 2013, 4 years ago

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Nick Krewen of recently interviewed SLASH about his new horror movie, Nothing Left To Fear. It's the first film to be released under the Grammy winner's Slasher Films banner. It will have a limited theatrical release on October 4th, before its October 8th release on DVD. The film's soundtrack, featuring music written and produced by Slash and Nicholas O'Toole, will also be released via direct-to-fan site PledgeMusic on October 4th. An excerpt from their chat follows:

Congratulations on venturing into film with your own company, Slasher Films. Has this been a lifelong ambition?

"No. It came out of nowhere, and the only way I can put it is that I had absolutely no aspirations to be a movie producer, but [I've loved] horror movies ever since I can remember and I had a very rare conversation [with another producer] where I got to express and vent my passion for horror movies — what I think is wrong with the new ones and what I think is great with the old ones. It was, from the ground up, developing this particular script and getting it to where we wanted it, and then going and casting and getting the director and meeting all these distributors... and announcing Slasher [Films] as an entity. It was really an interesting and tough struggle to get the money [for] an indie kind of thing, and it was fun."

After this first experience, are you hungry to do it again?

"Yeah, I'm looking for scripts now, trying to find that story or script that has the right elements that I can sink my teeth into and say, 'This will make a great Slasher film.' A lot of people are sending me stuff now and it's all roughly predictable. So I'm definitely looking for something different and I want a memorable sort of villain — something you could make a Halloween costume out of — something with a personality. And we have to have good actors. I want to concentrate on spending money on actors as opposed to CGI or any other of the expensive elements of making a movie."

To read the interview in its entirety, click here.

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