SLIPKNOT Drummer Joey Jordison On SCAR THE MARTYR - "It Was A Very Fulfilling Project"

October 6, 2013, 4 years ago

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SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison released his side project SCAR THE MARTYR's self-titled debut on October 1st through Roadrunner. He recently spoke with Paolo Bianco at Italy's about the record:

Scar The Martyr was recorded at Sound Farm Studios in Des Moines, IA and produced by Rhys Fulber (FEAR FACTORY, ROB ZOMBIE, MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE). The Scar The Martyr recording sessions saw Jordison behind the drum kit, while also playing bass on all songs, and rhythm guitar on all but two songs. The album was written by Joey and lead vocalist Henry Derek, and joining them in the studio were keyboardist Chris Vrenna (NINE INCH NAILS), as well as guitarists Jed Simon (STRAPPING YOUNG LAD) and Kris Norris (DARKEST HOUR) who collectively handled all lead guitars on the album.

Scar The Martyr tracklisting:


'Blood Host'

'My Retribution'

'Soul Disintegration'

'Cruel Ocean'

'Dark Ages'

'Sign Of The Omeneye'

'Anatomy Of Erinyes'

'Prayer For Prey'

'White Nights In A Day Room'

'Effigy Unborn'

'Never Forgive Never Forget'

'Mind’s Eye'

'Last Night On Earth'

Bonus tracks:

'Flatline & Fracture'

'Digging For Truth'

'Coat Of Arms'


Album trailer:

'Blood Host' video:

A sample of the track 'Dark Ages' is streaming here, while a preview of the track 'My Retribution' is streaming at this location. The band previously posted for streaming, the track 'Soul Disintegration', available at this location.

More on Scar The Martyr at Facebook.

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