SMOHALLA Release Video For ‘Õ Deluge’

November 6, 2013, 2 years ago

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French avant-garde black-metal group SMOHALLA has recently released a video for the track ‘Õ Deluge’. This singular song comes from the band's split-CD with UK’s OMEGA CENTAURI, released early this year via Duplicate Records.

Tellur/Epitome sees two of the most irreverent and eerie black-metal projects of nowadays joining forces and as expected it’s bound to shatter boundaries and dazzle minds. The music heard on Tellur is still Smohalla, a complex, emotional, and provoking amalgamation of extreme and unearthly sounds that’s quite difficult to fathom and describe in mere words. It’s like a burlesque and bizarre carnival travelling down to Hades with the late Quorthon leading from the front.

Epitome by Omega Centauri is less enigmatic and more chaotic, but no less mesmerizing. It sees the two-man project blending some harsh black metal, with ambient sounds and post-rock melodies with stunning results.

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