SOCIETY 1 To Release Live And Raw This Month

June 4, 2008, 11 years ago

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SOCIETY 1 will be releasing its' debut album with MDI on June 16. The band will be releasing Live And Raw which will be made available for download via iTunes. "People have told us for years that we sound so different live than on our records" stated frontman Matt Zane. "A lot of people would come up to us after a show and say they were never really into us until they saw us live. So we thought why not get a live record out there and let people hear the difference."

The band's first live album will be distributed solely through iTunes. "We have been talking about the new Society 1 record Sadist Messiah now since 2006 but we are going to hold off on that until next year. We wanted to release something through MDI first and only have it be available digitally. This is going to be something of a test run and depending how it turns out will influence our decision to regarding the release of our next studio album" says Zane.

Although no physical product will be made available in stores any remaining promo copies of Live And Raw will be autographed and sold through

"We figure we might have a few hundred extra after sending review copies to press so we will autograph those and sell them but besides that Live And Raw will only be made available through iTunes," says Zane.

Fans can listen to samples from Live and Raw on the band's MySpace page.

Tracklisting: 'Fornicate', 'No One', 'Nothing', 'Me', 'Six Months', 'Kill Myself', 'Slacker Jesus', 'Time For You To Exist', 'Lie', 'Hate', 'Lord', 'Everyone Dies (Rock Stars Don't Count)'. Bonus Tracks: 'Everyone Dies (Featuring Jay Gordon)', 'Wretched'.

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