SODOM Cancel Tomorrow's Show In Bangalore, India

July 5, 2013, 4 years ago

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SODOM have cancelled their scheduled appearance tomorrow, Saturday, July 6th, at Banglore Open Air, in Bangalore, India.

A message from Sodom: "Due to solid problems we are forced to cancel the upcoming show in Bangalore, India. We already had our suitcases packed and were ready to go. We are awfully sorry to take these steps and we are deeply disappointed by this situation, but in the end there's the awareness that not everything is done to our entire satisfaction.

"We are "only" the musicians, who would have loved to rock India and we owe this to our fans, even more because we never performed over there, of course through no fault of our own. The one who botched this up will have to be confronted with the fans and the local scene for his faults. We concluded a contract, which has strictly abided by our booking agency ourselves.

"In the end, this set of problems redounds upon us, because we're in the front line and have to be answerable to our fans. I hope we didn't lose too many fans due to this mess, but all people who know us are aware of the fact, that we would do anything for our fans. We hope for your understanding and keep you informed about the latest facts."

Sodom's new album, Epitome Of Torture, was released in Germany on April 26th, in Europe on April 29th and in North America on May 7th as limited digipak (incl. 2 bonus tracks +poster), double gatefold LP, standard version and download.

Epitome Of Torture tracklisting:

'My Final Bullet'


'Epitome Of Torture'



'Shoot Today – Kill Tomorrow'

'Invocating The Demons'


'Into The Skies Of War'

'Tracing The Victim'

Digipak bonus tracks:


'Splitting The Atom'

Additional LP bonus track:

'Ace Of Spades'

Epitome Of Torture trailer:

BraveWords' new Sodom feature can be found here. Read our review of Epitome Of Torture at this location.

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