SODOM's Tom Angelripper - "We Have Started Writing New Songs For The Next Album"; Audio Interview Posted

October 25, 2011, 5 years ago

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Zisis Petkanas from Greek webzine Rock Overdose has issued an 18-minute audio interview with SODOM frontman Tom Angelripper.

On writing new material he states: "Nowdays we have started writing new songs for the next album, we wanna do a new album next year, I don't wanna have fans waiting so long like the black album that took 4 years waiting and I told our record company that I like to do records every two years, maybe every year. Next year we have a 30 year anniversary and I wanna do the new album, and I wanna do a special box set with old DVDs for the fans and celebrate it with a special show. We have a couple of songs together, we are going to go in the studio next May or June to start recording the new album. I wnat to release the new album in 2012 definitely."

About the band's new drummer: "Makka is a really speady drummer. Now we are able to do faster songs than on the latest releases. He is kind of like Dave Lombardo on the drums. And the old stuff is even better, songs like 'Nuclear Winter'. He is a really speady and agressive drummer. That's what I am looking forward to for our next album."

Listen to the audio interview at this location.

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