SONATA ARCTICA - Behind-The-Scenes Footage From Colombia Online

May 9, 2013, 4 years ago

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Finland's SONATA ARCTICA have uploaded behind-the-scenes footage from their recent first ever show in Colombia. Check it out below:

Coming up next week, the band will release a Colombia Part II clip featuring Cali, followed by Bogota.

The band recently posted the following message to the fans:

"We are collecting interesting stories connected to Sonata Arctica. So if you have – or you know anybody who has – an interesting story that somehow relates to Sonata Arctica we are willing to hear it. The story can be anything; a love story connected to a SA song, a SA song at a funeral/wedding, SA tattoos, a song that saved someone’s life. Anything, you name it.

It is extremely important to hear the whole story behind it, with all the emotions. Please send the story to the address:

...or if you know somebody with the story let him/her know it. We don’t publish any of the stories without someone’s permission. So it is also important that you add your contact information to the message."

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