Spain's QUAOAR Release Sophomore Album; Track Streaming

January 28, 2013, 4 years ago

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Bilbao, Spain-based prog/metal band QUAOAR have released their sophomore album, The River & The Soul - the follow-up to the band's 2007 debut, Man't - via Noma Records.

The River & The Soul shows a band with no fear of the hardest or softest sounds; of catchy choruses, of classical or innovative structures, of melodies, of whispering or yelling. This record has been designed both for people who have a sharp hearing and people who don’t, and can be played on any radio station, no matter if it’s underground or a major. Two concepts, the river and the soul, inspire the lyrics of the songs on this album. Lyrics related to the human being, his internal life, his muses and, of course, society and the suppositions he lives together with.



'Memento Mori'


'Love The Muse'

'My Anger Runs'

'Hicks Are Kings'

'Get Rid Of Them'


'Hear The Void'

'The River & The Soul'

Listen to the track, 'Hear The Void', below:

More on Quaoar at this location.

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