Spain's ZINUMM Ink Two-Album Deal With Darkwoods

September 6, 2013, 3 years ago

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Pagan black metal label Darkwoods has signed Spanish black metallers ZINUMM to a two-album deal.

Imagine a mixture between the harshness of the first BURZUM, the pagan majesty of HELRUNAR, the epic melodies of BATHORY and the folk tenderness of ULVER or EMPYRIUM, everything adorned with slight ambient details or even from funeral doom. All this and more is Zinumm, a firmly enrooted band into the Celtic tradition, with lyrics in Old Gaelic and using traditional instruments such as the Zanfona, adding to the music a new mystic and pagan dimension.

Says the label: "A collaboration that will begin with the CD edition of their first and homonymous full-length album, Zinumm, in which we are already working on and about we will give you very soon addition information."

More on Zinumm at Facebook.

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