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June 9, 2014, 3 years ago

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Cruz del Sur Music will release Omniscient, the first new studio album in 10 years from the originators of the US progressive power metal movement Steel Prophet on July 8th.

The band returns with their classic sound, led by Steve Kachinsky Blakmoor (guitarist and founding member), as well as veteran metal singer Rick Mythiasin. The recording lineup is completed by Vince Dennis (bass), Chris Schleyer (guitar), and Jimmy Schultz (drums); after the recording, original drummer John Tarascio, and guitarist John Paget returned to the band together.

Omniscient tracklisting:

"Chariots Of The Gods"
"The Tree Of Knowledge"
"When I Remake The World (A Key Flaw)"
"Trickery Of The Scourge"
"Through Time And Space"
"Aliens, Spaceships And Richard M. Nixon"
"Oleander Deux"
"666 Is Everywhere (The Heavy Metal Blues)"
"Bohemian Rhapsody"
"Call Of Katahdin"
"Funeral For Art"
"1984 (George Orwell Is Rolling In His Grave)"
"Transformation Staircase"

Omniscient is composed of 12 songs based on an original story written by Kachinsky. The idea of telling a story throughout a whole album is similar to Steel Prophet's 1999 classic Dark Hallucinations, which featured the "Fahrenheit 451" story by Ray Bradbury. Famous German Artist Timo Würz was hired to create the cover artwork, and 12 original booklet illustrations to go with the lyrics and story itself. The album also contains a 13th song, a cover of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," which was successfully presented by the band at the 2013 edition of the Keep It True Festival in Germany; a video clip of the event will see the light shortly before the release of Omniscient. The album will be released in limited edition 36-page digibook, regular compact disc, limited gate-fold double LP and digital download.

A new video for album cut "666 Is Everywhere (The Heavy Metal Blues)" has just been released. Although Steel Prophet is not well known for always being humorous, the whimsy of the lyrics is reflected in the video clip shot by Agent Steel and Redemption guitarist Bernie Versailles. About the song Kachinsky says "Steel Prophet knows metal fans have a fascination with the numbers 666. And when you're in a metal band trying to make a living, sometimes it seems like 666 Is Everywhere!"

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